Video: Obstinate Headstrong Girl

You may remember last year the Australian comedy group  Sense and Spontaneity released a video singing the praises of Dear Mr. Darcy.

A sample of their lyrics:
Dear Mr Darcy we don’t want to be cruel
But if we saw you on the street we’d push you into a pool
Dear Mr Darcy we don’t mean to be curt
But we only want to see you in a wet white shirt

Sense and Spontaneity is back again with another singing ode, this time to Lizzie, in Obstinate Headstrong Girl. Inspired by “Helena Kelly’s ‘Jane Austen, the Secret Radical,’ and that really great scene in the BBC P&P where Lady Catherine is super insulting, and Elizabeth Bennet owns her like a boss.”

Sample lyrics:
Shy retiring spinster?
This satirical comic could put you through the ringer!
Her letters were notorious for casting shade,
And every word she wrote, she did it to get paid.

You can find Sense and Spontaneity on Facebook and on YouTube