Top 5 Jane Austen t-shirts for you to buy

I have a love affair with t-shirts.

What’s strange, to me, is I did not set out one day and say, “OH! I need to collect t-shirts!”  No, it became evident when I was clearing out my closet one day and counted how many t-shirts I owned.

200. I’ll let that sink in.

I’m always on the look out for new t-shirts. I buy them to commemorate a trip as they are cheaper than most swag, barely noticeable in packing, and wearable. I celebrate concerts and fandoms. I support local businesses. I like vintage ones as well.

I just plain like t-shirts.

My collection is down to about 100 shirts, but I’m always on the look out for new ones (I keep my eye on which collates the best deals for the day) and one of my favorite themes is literature. Book covers, author’s quotes, interesting approaches to the work. I’m a big book nerd and I let my nerd flag fly.

Below you’ll find some rather adorable, interesting, or just plain NEED t-shirts to add to your collection of Austen memorabilia.


O. M. G. If you’re a big literature geek (or even a small one) and you’re not shopping at Out of Print Clothing, you need to. They create t-shirt, sweatshirts, and gifts based on various works of literature from Jane Austen to The Very Hungry Caterpillar. To your left you’ll find a woman’s t-shirt (up to sizes XXL) for Pride and Prejudice with a gorgeous design. I also have the Pride and Prejudice pouch.

If you do decide to give Out of Print a go, do use this link for shopping as it gives you $5 off your purchase! 

Another gorgeous t-shirt, this Litograph’s Pride and Prejudice t-shirt has the complete book printed on it. yes, the complete book. I have this version of the t-shirt. Litorgraph’s has a huge variety of different shirts for your favorite authors and like Out of Print, they also carry gifts like scarves, posters, and totes.

Word of caution: The shirts are blurred around the seams and some of the words can look like they are cut off. This is normal and part of the printing process.

It’s rare, I believe, to find products and gifts that celebrate the other works of our Jane. It seems as if every vendor on the planet is all Pride and Prejudice all the time but we shant forget Jane’s other five works so when I saw this t-shirt pop up in my list, I knew I had to add it.

The shirt is done by TeePublic and affixes the semi-famous Northanger Abbey quote, “If adventures will not befall a young lady in her own village, she must seek them abroad.”

The shirt comes in male (unisex) and female cuts, a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors. While I adore the shirts I get from TeePublic, they do tend to shrink a bit in the wash (even in cold water) and the length always seems to be one inch to short than I need so definitely size up!

Just like Northanger Abbey shirt, finding a non Pride and Prejudice shirt can be a pain so that’s why when I stumbled across this Emma shirt available at the Jane Austen Centre, I knew it had to be included in this list. The shirt, which is available in unisex sizes S – XL, has the Emma facsimile as its design. the Jane Austen Centre is located in England so be mindful the prices are in pound sterling and does not reflect cost of shipping to the U.S.
I may have to buy this shirt after this post is published. Nothing says delightful than a shirt with all of Jane’s men listed. The shirt, available in women’s and unisex sizing, is available at this lovely Jane Austen centric Etsy shop, Brookish. Also check out the store’s other goods such as scarves, mugs, and other assortments.