Jane Austen’s Guide To 21st Century Dating

History Bombs is an “edutainment” troupe based out of England who produce “award-winning educational content to engage and inspire audiences of all ages.” While geared for educators and in the classroom, History Bombs have started a History Bombs show where they “interview” various famous peoples, living or dead. Their first is interviewee is Jane Austen! The video is quite fun as Jane strolls around London asking various people “What is good breeding?” and “Do you go to any balls?”

Check out the “interview” below!

Crash Course: Pride and Prejudice Part I

Image of the logo for Crash Course

Crash Course is a YouTube channel of short videos, about 10 minutes each, that gives you, well, a crash course of a topic. Run by the brothers John Green (author of The Fault in Our Stars) and Hank Green (co-creator of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries) (and collectively as the Vlog Brothers), Crash Course is intended as a supplementary guide for middle-grade and high school students on a wide variety of topics from math and science to literature and the arts. (The Green brothers found via a recent survey 60-70% of their viewers were not in education or in school.)

Last week, the Green brothers released a Crash Course on Pride and Prejudice in two parts. The first part covering the story, Jane’s biography, and a brief history of the era. Part two will cover more in-depth topics such as the socioeconomics of being young, single, and female in the Regency era. What I really enjoyed about part one is it makes the novel accessible to those unfamiliar with Austen’s work as well as provides the history behind the novel which is often missing in the discussion.

Part one is available below and I’ll post part two once it becomes available!

Dear Mr. Darcy

Sense and Spontaneity Comedy Group

Oh, this is great. A comedy group calling themselves Sense and Spontaneity, “Completely improvised Jane Austen for young and old!,” has released “Dear Mr. Darcy,” a love letter from every woman ever, and it’s hilarious.

Sample lyrics:
Dear Mr Darcy we don’t want to be cruel
But if we saw you on the street we’d push you into a pool
Dear Mr Darcy we don’t mean to be curt
But we only want to see you in a wet white shirt

I think we can safely say that yes, this is from most women ever and you too will be excessively diverted by this charming video.

You can find Sense and Spontaneity on Facebook and on YouTube.