The Austen Connection

Here at ED we are all about podcasts about Jane (and the Brontes of course) so it should be no surprise that we’ve found another podcast with an accompanying newsletter: The Austen Connection.

Inspired by her deep dive into all things Jane, creator Janet Saidi wants to  “…convene a lively conversation around the stories of this iconic novelist, and to uncover the unexpected themes that are hiding in plain sight and have so much relevance to our complicated lives today.” Her essays have tackled topics such as discussions an Austen biographer Claire Tomalin; how Jane would handle being on The Bachelorette; and What Michelle Obama and Lizzy Bennet Both Know.

Divering, indeed!

Austen and Bronte Podcasts

When people mention Jane Austen and the Brontes are everywhere, they weren’t kidding. They have even invaded podcasts!

There are two podcasts you should check out: Manners and Madness (Apple, Spotify) and Bonnets at Dawn (Apple, Spotify).

Manners and Madness is “Two friends, one who loves both Jane Austen and David Lynch, one who is only passingly familiar with both, explore their bodies of work and the adaptations of that work.” An interesting concept to be sure!

Each week, the duo cover either Austen or Lynch of both along with movie reviews and other related content.

Originally started out as an Austen v Bronte podcast, Bonnets at Dawn has widened to now include contemporaries of Austen and Bronte as well as exploring the work of other women writers in the 19th – 21st century. It seems nothing is left unturned. Bonnets at Dawn also do interviews and other reviews.

The creators of Bonnets at Dawn have also released a new book,
Why She Wrote: A Graphic History of the Lives, Inspiration, and Influence Behind the Pens of Classic Women Writers, back in April which needs to go on my TBR pile.


Podcast: Bonnets at Dawn

If you listen to podcasts, you may like Bonnets At Dawn, a podcast that should be the theme song for Excessively Diverting as it’s about, you guessed it, Austen AND Brontë. The podcast is available only on Sound Cloud (link below) and not on Apple podcasts so I keep forgetting to tune in. If you have taken a listen, let me know what you think!