Holiday Gift Giving With Jane Austen and The Brontes

Holiday garland

It’s that time of year again when many gift-giving holidays have arrived and you may be stuck on what to get your literary fan in your life. And sometimes it’s especially hard if they are an Austen or Bronte fan. What do you do? You peruse the following list for ideas from candles and jewelry to clothing and clocks. Whether they are an Austen or Bronte fan, there is something for everyone from ages 8 to 80.

I heartily recommend Brookish, Storiarts, Out of Print Clothing, and Pembertea as I have purchased their products over the years and found them to be of great quality. I have also bought products from Society6 and Zazzle before and their products tend to be fairly well made. One cannot go wrong with memberships to either JASNA or the Bronte Society. But any of the following products and services would be a delight to any literary lover.

Note: I have checked for last dates of delivery times in the US for the holiday season but it is your responsibility to check with the seller before purchase to make sure you’ll get it in time.

  •  A membership to JASNA
  • A membership to the Bronte Society
  • A gift from the Jane Austen Centre gift shop
  • A gift from the Bronte Parsonage shop
  • Brookish on Etsy has a wonderful selection of hand-lettered mugs, sweatshirts and t-shirts, notecards, and more! The last date for US delivery is December 16.
  • Storiarts has a wonderful collection of Austen AND Bronte inspired gifts including infinity scarfs, headbands, and writing gloves. As of this writing, they are currently having a sale of 15% off but if they are not having a sale, you can use the code Austen15 at checkout.1
  • Another fun gift is the Pembertea subscription box! Pembertea is a monthly subscription box for all things Austen. Each monthly box is themed and includes tea (of course), gifts, and trinkets related to that month’s theme. They also sell mugs, clothing, and blankets! Each subscription box is about $40 USD a month. I reviewed the boxes over here.
  • Another fun store for all of your literary geekdom is Out of Print Clothing! I’ve been buying from them for years and the quality never disappoints. They carry t-shirts, bags, socks, sweatshirts, and other literary gifts.  I have the most adorable pencil pouch from them. Not only do they have Jane Austen and Bronte (Charlotte and Emily (poor Anne!)) inspired gifts, but they also carry a gamut of authors such as Ray Bradbury to F. Scott Fitzgerald. You can see the complete list of authors here(If you click on the ad in the right sidebar, you get $5 off your order at Out of Print clothing!)
  • Jane Austen’s Office has a wide range of gifts from clocks to cellphone covers to mugs and clothing.
  • Society6 has a large array of Jane Austen and Bronte gifts.
  • Amazon US, of course, has books, DVDs, clothing, and more for Austen and Bronte alike.
  • We can’t forget Etsy (Austen, Bronte) which has candles, make-up, and more
  • There is also Zazzle (Austen, Bronte)
  • Uncommon Goods (Austen, Bronte) has socks, mugs, and pillows (I have been gifted the Austen AND Bronte mugs and I love them so).
  • The Literary Gift Company has Charlotte Bronte, Emily Bronte, and Jane Austen inspired mugs, jewelry, and soap to name a few things!
  • Novel Creations repurposes books into purses and clutches

Have a happy holidays!


1. Earlier this year, in lieu of payment for advertising (as seen in the right sidebar), Storiarts sent me a few items such as a Pride and Prejudice book scarf and Poe’s The Raven writing gloves. I have yet to review them (but that is upcoming) but for full disclosure, I receive no compensation for any purchase you may buy.

Pembertea: The Great Unboxing

Image of the Pembertea logo

Last month, I wrote about a new Jane Austen / Tea monthly subscription box by Pembertea. Subscription boxes are pretty awesome—every month (or quarter or whatever the time frame is) you receive a box in the mail on a particular theme. For Pembertea, the main theme is Jane Austen with a side of tea along with a specific monthly theme.

“Books, Tea and Austen are our spirit animals.” is their motto.

Pembertea reached out to me after the post was published and offered to send me a few boxes to review which I gladly took them up on their offer. This post is an honest review of those boxes.

Reader, they are exquisite.

Pembertea sent me two boxes, April and May 2018.

The boxes arrived in a branded mailing box.

Pembertea branded mailing box

First up is April.

The treats in each boxed are delicately wrapped and when opened, the delights are thoughtfully and carefully packed.

Pembertea April box part 1


April’s theme was “Emma” so the box contained all things Emma.

Pembertea April 2018 part 2

There is a tea strainer, tea, a bracelet charm, an Emma candle, Emma air freshner, and finally an Emma bookmark.

May’s was especially a delight as it celebrated  “Music, Mothers, and Matrimony.”

Pembertea May box part 1

It was especially adorable since Pembertea included buttons of Harry & Meghan to celebrate the Royal Wedding.

Pembertea May box part 2

Frameable music sheet, Austen soap, tea, Darcy pillowcase, bracelet charm, and Harry & Meghan buttons.

Overall, the boxes are divine. The items are thoughtfully curated and well made. I liked that the months I received were timely, Harry & Meghan!, other than the bracelet charm and tea which are constant, the boxes were wholly unique and catered to that month’s theme.

I love how involved they are within the Janeite community and their dedication to Austen (and tea) is evident in the items they choose for that particular month.

Pembertea also sells clothing, mugs, and other gifts as well as you can buy previous month’s boxes and specialty boxes.

The boxes are monthly and are $35 which for the amount of stuff you get is a great deal. If you prefer to order the boxes by theme instead of month, Pembertea has created a list of 2018’s boxes here.

This box is especially necessary for Austen fans as well as fans of Regency era gifts and most importantly, tea.

You can find Pembertea on their website, Facebook (where they post memes and all things Austen in addition to their wares), Twitter, and Instagram.


Pembertea: A Monthly Jane Austen and Tea Subscription Box

Image of the Pembertea logo

On a recent post of pop culterization of Jane, I wasn’t too surprised to discover there exists a subscription box dedicated solely to tea and Jane Austen.

A subscription box is where you pay a flat fee every month for a rotating themed box. A couple of long-standing ones is Birchbox, a subscription box dedicated to health and beauty, Barkbox for your pets, Graze for snacks, and Lootcrate, a subscription box for geeks. The general idea behind subscription boxes is to try new things whether it’s a new snack, mascara, dog food, or collection items like shirts or toys. The boxes are usually monthly and range from $10 a box on up to over $100. There is a box for just about everything.

Pembertea is a subscription box service dedicated to tea and Jane Austen. The subscription is pretty straightforward enough. Every month you get  Jane Austen trinkets whether it’s a charm bracelet, bookmark, Austen inspired games, postcards or something similar and of course, tea. The theme varies every month and you can see the 2018 themes here. Boxes cost $35 a month and you can cancel at any time.

Reviews seem highly favorable for the boxes and if you get one, let me know in the comments!

You can find Pembertea on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.