Austen and Bronte Podcasts

When people mention Jane Austen and the Brontes are everywhere, they weren’t kidding. They have even invaded podcasts!

There are two podcasts you should check out: Manners and Madness (Apple, Spotify) and Bonnets at Dawn (Apple, Spotify).

Manners and Madness is “Two friends, one who loves both Jane Austen and David Lynch, one who is only passingly familiar with both, explore their bodies of work and the adaptations of that work.” An interesting concept to be sure!

Each week, the duo cover either Austen or Lynch of both along with movie reviews and other related content.

Originally started out as an Austen v Bronte podcast, Bonnets at Dawn has widened to now include contemporaries of Austen and Bronte as well as exploring the work of other women writers in the 19th – 21st century. It seems nothing is left unturned. Bonnets at Dawn also do interviews and other reviews.

The creators of Bonnets at Dawn have also released a new book,
Why She Wrote: A Graphic History of the Lives, Inspiration, and Influence Behind the Pens of Classic Women Writers, back in April which needs to go on my TBR pile.


Jane Austen and the Bronte Sisters Link Roundup for June 13, 2021

30 Great Myths About Jane Austen (Online Event)

For over 200 years, Jane Austen’s books have marked a view into early 19th century life from the aristocracy to daily living to romance and marriage. But are these a true look or merely a myth that has continued to this day?

The Friends of the Princeton University Library cordially invite you to a virtual lecture by Claudia L. Johnson and Clara Tuite, “30 Great Myths About Jane Austen” in support of their book by the same time.

The event is being held on Zoom on Sunday June 20 from 4 – 6 PM EST. You can register here. It is open to the public.

Discover Jane Austen’s Bath with Lucy Worsley

If you’re a fan of not only Jane Austen but also the historian Lucy Worsley (like I am), you’ll find the following irresistible.

Good Housekeeping Holidays is organizing a three day holiday with Lucy as your guide from October 5 – 7, 2021. The trip includes:

  • Lecture by Lucy
  • Visit to Jane Austen’s House Museum
  • Tour of Chawton House
  • Bath walking tour with Lucy
  • River Avon cruise
  • Visits to filming locations (I’ve been to Basildon Park and it is gorgeous).

Price is £865 GBP (about $1300 USD) for three days and two nights. While the cost includes hotel and some meals it does not include transportation to and from the event. For more information, visit the event page.

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Jane Austen and Bronte Online Classes at Oxford

The University of Oxford  Continuing Ed is a fabulous place for superior online learning. I’m taking Who are the Celts? this term and I am loving it. Last term I took Britons in a Roman World and enjoyed the pace, learning, and interaction with the tutors.

I can say then, with great confidence, I am highly recommending Oxford’s ContEd Austen and Bronte classes:

Classes run about £312.00 GBP (about $450 USD) for the term. You can pay an additional fee of £10 to get certified for CATS points allowing the course to be counted towards a degree in the UK, including Oxford. I’m coughing up the extra £10 because you never know when I may want a fourth master’s.

If you are interested in the classes, I do suggest you sign up ASAP. Class size is limited to about 25 students. Even though the class is online, you have direct interaction with the tutor and other students so it feels like just like you’re in a regular classroom.

And I’m not going to shy away from whether you’re taking the class for pass/fail or auditing, there WILL BE homework. For my current class, they suggested 10 hours a week of study. I thought they were joking. They were not.

Again, highly, highly recommend these courses. If you do take one, leave a note in the comments!