JASNA SW Young Filmmakers Contest 2022 Entries Due in a Few Weeks

JASNA Southwest is proud to present their annual Young Filmmakers Contest.

Previously open to college, graduate, and high school students, the contest has expanded to all filmmakers under 30. You must not work as a director or cinematographer.

This year themes is  and Jane Austen inspired.

What to do:

Create a film in five minutes or less on either of the following themes:

  • Sense and Sensibility: the novel’s plot, settings or adaptations
  • Inspired by Jane Austen:  her world, novels, characters, themes or adaptations

For more information, check out the contest flyer and you can also download the entry form.

First prize is $300, second is $200, and third is $100. All winners will receive a years membership to JASNA.

For more information, and to check out past winners, visit the JASNA SW YFC website.

Deadline for submissions is September 15, 2022.

Jane Austen Literacy Foundation Writing Competition 2022

Jane Austen Literacy Foundation is proud to present their 2022 writing competition.

This year, the theme is “Inspired by Jane Austen.” Your entry can be on anything Jane Austen related such as including Austen herself, or be influenced by her and her work.

Limit is 1000 to 2000 words. The contest is open to anyone over the age 16 and lives anywhere in the world.

The judges, ranging from authors and scholars, will select ten stories which will then be presented to the public for ten days of voting.

The entry date is May 4th. The ten day public vote follows soon after.

The winning entry will be recorded as a professional audiobook and made available worldwide.

More information is available here and the guidelines are here.

The 2021 Jane Austen Fashion Challenge

With the uncertainty of whether the 2021 Jane Austen festival will be in person or virtual, the organizers have put together a fun challenge!

If you’re feeling inspired by the clothing and accessories of Jane Austen’s time or desired something from an Austen adaptation,  and you’ve gone on to recreate an outfit or felt motivation to create one of your own designs, the Jane Austen Festival Committee has something for you.

Recreate an outfit (or accessory such as a bonnet or reticule) from Austen’s time period and document the process, including notes on fabrics, patterns used, source materials, or fashion plate. Then include a short video or an image of the creation worn by you for the committee members to use on social media. Email everything to Hannah at Locust Grove (marketing@locustgrove.org) by June 18!

You can find inspiration on the committee’s curated Pinterest album if you need ideas.

Good luck!

Upcoming Young Filmmakers and Essay Contests

Two big contests coming up for students!

In the first, The JASA Young Filmmakers Contest, is open to students in high school, college, and graduate school. The winners will receive a cash award along with paid admission to this year’s AGM!

According to the website,

Works must be adapted from or inspired by Jane Austen’s writing or life, and relate in some way to the theme “Jane Austen in Paradise.” They may be comedies, dramas or documentaries in live action or animation. They may be modernizations or mashups of Austen and another public domain author. They may be set any time from the Regency era to the present or even in the future. They may be cast with puppets, pets or people. In other words, let your creativity guide you. You also have significant discretion in how you address the theme “Jane Austen in Paradise,” such as Jane Austen on holiday, her immortality as an author, etc.

The deadline is July 21, 2017


The second contest is the annual Jane Austen Essay contest open to high school, college, and graduate students. The award is a cash prize.

From the website,

In keeping with the theme of our annual meeting, “Jane Austen in Paradise: Intimations of Immortality,” JASNA is looking for essays that address the following:

Imagine that you are adapting an Austen novel for stage or film.  What elements might you be tempted to change—especially for a modern audience—that should not be tampered with if the integrity of the work is to be preserved?  These elements could be scenes, characters, dialogue or something else.  Explain why they are so crucial to the novel.  How does what can and cannot be changed shed light on Austen’s popularity and influence?

Deadline is May 21, 2017