Tickets for the 2019 Jane Austen Festival in Bath Are Now On Sale!

Jane Austen Festival in Bath

The Jane Austen Centre in Bath is pleased to announce that tickets have gone on sale for the 2019 festival! The festival, which runs from September 13 – 22, includes a Regency costume promenade, summer ball, lectures, and a market for which to buy treats and trinkets. Tickets can be purchased online at the Bath Box Office. Events are individually ticketed so please be mindful when you purchase your tickets.

For us non-UK folk, tickets are obtained either via email, your phone, or direct from the box office. They do not send tickets overseas. Tickets are available, but in limited supply, the day of the events.

For more information on the festival, bookings, hotel options, and more, please visit the festival website at

Jane Austen Architectural House

Timothy Richards is a plaster genius. Working in the style of Jean-Pierre Fouquet, who worked in Paris between 1780 and 1830, what we know as plaster of paris, Richards builds one of a kind commissions as well as models of popular work scaled to size. He’s recently turned his eye to Jane Austen’s home in Bath:

This detailed scale Timothy Richards house model made famous by its association to Jane Austen, her home and her life in Bath would make a beautiful decorative piece for display in any office, upon mantelpiece or bookshelf next to the complete works of the much loved author.

This typical Bath terrace is Palladian in its origins consisting of three storeys with an attic above. As with many Georgian houses it contains a fireplace in most rooms and represent the best of 18th century living. Jane Austen’s uncle lived in The Paragon and Jane would have visited regularly.

The models are handmade and are, as of this writing, in stock. Austen’s house is available to ship in the US and sells for $150.

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