‘Six Winters’: Scenes from Jane Austen’s Life & Imagination

Jane Austen’s House and Museum has put together a lovely virtual event entitled: ‘Six Winters’: Scenes from Jane Austen’s Life & Imagination.

Presenting six winter scenes from Austen’s life and her novels, you can enjoy the event online or in-person. Even if Covid were not an issue, not all of us can whisk ourselves to Hampshire which makes this virtual event even more special.

The six scenes are:
Scene 1: Jane Austen’s birth, December 1775
Jane Austen’s Bedroom

Scene 2: Family theatricals, December 1787
Family Room

Scene 3: Dancing with Tom Lefroy, January 1796
Dining Room

Scene 4. First reading of Pride & Prejudice, January 1813
Drawing Room

Scene 5: ‘A fine family piece’, Persuasion
Family Room

Scene 6: ‘You will have much pleasure in being in London’, Sense & Sensibility
Courtyard Gallery

You can click on the above links to jump around the event or you can start here.