A Singular Couple part three

(Ed.- I am beyond pleased to present the serial of the story A Singular Couple written by A Lady™.  Jane meets the Angelus’ while in Bath and well, their friendship goes in a direction most unexpected. If you’re a fan of Buffy, The Vampire Slayer, well, you can only guess where this goes. Check in every Thursday for a new chapter!)

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Tuesday, May 27, 1817

My Dearest Angelus,

I trust your studies are going well, though really, how much more does a man of your talents need to know about ripping another man’s head off? But don’t concern yourself with my boredom, I am glad not to travel to the Orient; I prefer my food wrapped in familiar finery, and for once the English Springtime is not wholly tedious. Do you recall that Miss Austen we met in Bath? My particular friend and the one bright spot of the society there, that you had intended to make into a light snack? I have come upon her again! Unfortunately, she is quite a changed creature. Has it really been that long since we strolled along the Avon with her? These mortal lives take their toll. She is here for medical treatment, anxious and miserable family in tow. She pretends to good spirits, but I can smell resignation. (Over the awful and useless medicines they ply her with.)

It reminds me of myself as a dying woman, I confess, and it gives me an uncharacteristic bout of nostalgia, which I find as repulsive as neuralgia. Still, it gives me ideas for a scheme that will make this summer without you pass most divertingly.

Well do I recall that you once had similar designs on the young lady, though I doubt her current complexion would suit you. If it angers you to have me take the opportunity I prevented you from having – well, darling, you did not have to rush off to Cathay for pugilistic lessons just because a Fyarl beat you in a fair fight. I have said time and again, the solution is to make sure one is never in a fair fight.

Have fun pummeling the monks, dear boy, and don’t hurry home.



May 30, 1817
Mrs. David’s, College Street, Winchester

Letter from Jane Austen to Frances Tilson, excerpted:

… but I assure you that I am gaining strength very fast. I am now out of bed from 9 in the morning to ten at night – upon the sopha tis true – but I eat my meals with Cassandra. Also, a rather odd old acquaintance of mine has emerged in the person of a Mrs. Angelus whom I had met years ago in Bath. A most singular lady of ready wit, she has attended on me patiently every evening, to fill the time when others have left and Cassandra must absent herself, my tender, watchful, indefatigable nurse, that she might not be made ill by her exertions on my behalf. Darla – for that is Mrs. A’s given name – has been a blessing to her, and I think my friend’s cheer is strengthening me daily.