A Singular Couple part four

(Ed.- I am beyond pleased to present the serial of the story A Singular Couple written by A Lady™.  Jane meets the Angelus’ while in Bath and well, their friendship goes in a direction most unexpected. If you’re a fan of Buffy, The Vampire Slayer, well, you can only guess where this goes. Check in every Thursday for a new chapter!)

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July 17, 1817 –

My Dearest Cassandra,

I hope this little note will cheer you, and give rest to your fears of leaving me in the care of Mrs. Angelus. I know you find her conversation alarming, but I fear less for the morals of a woman who talks openly than those who always say the correct things. I feel we have seen the worst of her, and that is refreshing. If her husband proved himself to be an incorrigible rake, well, the wife of such a man is to be pitied, not scorned. Furthermore, Mr. A is assuredly absent. Darla promises me he is many days sea voyage away on some sort of educational journey.

Do forgive me for sending you away! All will be better when you return in two weeks. Mrs. A will depart then for London, there to await her husband’s return, and I will be very much in better health, I am sure of it. Mrs. A has told me she knows of a particular cure for my ailment, and will apply it tonight: I have only to take a turn with her in the damnable invalid chair while the moon is out. (I suspect this is more to distract me than for any medicinal affect. You see how you and Darla could be such friends? You both are terrible liars.)

Please think only pleasant thoughts of me, my dearest sister, and I look forward to reading to you from my work when you return. I’m basing a character on dear M. Angelus and you will get great satisfaction from hating her.

Yours Affectionately,


July 23, 1817
Address Unknown

Dearest Cassandra,

I am aware that a funeral was held for me and a body buried and this letter will come to you as a great shock, but I am alive. Alive and well! Know that, be content and glad, and do not try to find me. I shall come to you when I am ready.

Please see to it that all correspondence I have sent mentioning Mr. or Mrs. Angelus are destroyed. This would be a great service to me. I trust you with handling my other papers and my silly books. Treat all I left behind as if I have truly died, or I should say, continue to do so. I hope you gave Fanny the springed muslin and all the fruits and laces for my bonnets, save any you wish to keep for yourself.

You would blush to see what Darla has put me in today! A canary gown all ruffles and lace that would befit a maiden in the first blush of youth! I confess, it feels natural. I have thrown off my high collars and can breathe.

Colors are bolder now I am well. The air tastes… it tastes so elaborately. I am possessed of a demonic energy. I could run for days and write forever.

On that front, I confess I have composed but a few short vignettes since my recovery and I am mildly concerned at the dark direction my fancy takes. I may have grown as uncensored as Darla herself. I have continued the fancy I had to make her a character and may base a whole book around her. I…

Perhaps you should burn my notes from early July, and this letter, too. Yes. Tell no one. This shall all be our little secret. Darla and I are to quit the country tonight and I dare not tell you where we go. When my path takes me back to England, I shall find you, dear sister. I will kiss you so deeply on your sweet, swan-like neck, as I kiss my patroness now.

Yours Eternally,

The End