Reminder: Jane Austen Louisville Festival 2018

It’s that time of year again for the Jane Austen Louisville 2018 festival!

The festival, put on by the JASNA Louisville region, is one of the top Jane Austen festivals in the country, nay the world, after the JASNA AGM. To celebrate the 200th anniversary of the publication of Persuasion, this year’s theme is “Piercing Souls.” (Note: Our monthly meetings have catered to this theme and the lectures have been wonderful!)

The festival will be held July 13 – 15 at the historic Locust Grove which is located about five or so minutes from downtown Louisville.

Tickets, available online, will go on sale June 6 and you better act fast! Tickets for the events such as the Grand Ball do sell out. (The organizers wuld like to note that tickets for the festival itself do not sell out.) Tickets for the grand tea ($25), children’s tea ($20), as well as tickets for workshops (price TBD) will also be available for purchase.

The organizers would also like to note that as Forecastle will be happening the same weekend, advanced booking for lodgings is advised. If I recall correctly, some hotels and B&Bs are already selling out.

For more information on tickets, directions, events, and more, visit the festival’s website. Contact information for the organizers is available if you have any questions. (Please do not contact me as while I am a member of this JASNA region, I am not an organizer so my information is limited.)



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