Pride and Passion: Jane Austen in Telenovela Form

According to Willow and Thatch, the Brazillian network Globo is set to broadcast a combination of Jane Austen’s novels (all six novels and Lady Susaninto a single soapy serial, Pride and Passion (Orgulho e Paixã), starting March 20th. The serial will air six episodes a week for a total of 150 episodes. In addition to merging all of Austen’s work into a single telenovela, the time period shifts from the Regency era to early 1900s.

This looks pretty awesome.

For an extensive look at the upcoming telenovela, and to find out more information on how to watch the show outside of Brazil, make sure to head over Willow and Thatch. DO also check out the 8 minute preview below. Don’t forget to make sure you turn English subtitles on which, I will warn you, does a word by word translation so the sentences may not always make sense. While Pride and Passion (Orgulho e Paixão) could qualify as a dramedy, the mistakes in translation make it slightly more hilarious.

I also wanted to mention my discovery of this new (to me) site, Willow and Thatch. I’m always on the lookout not only for blogs that match my interests but well written and consistently updated (it is surprising to me how many do not fit either criterion). A million and a half years ago, I ran a project called Put A Cravat On It, which was a fairly, at the time, extensive listing of period television series. While my project has not been updated since December of 2015, Willow and Thatch seem to pick up where I left off by not only including movies with television series but breaking them down by the period. So if you have a hankering for Regency film or something set in the Tudor era, they have you covered.

(I do have a  few small quibbles in that they link directly to Amazon in their movies and I could not find the links for streaming sites though they mention in the intros that some of the shows/movies are available to stream. I can infer the linking to Amazon is to support their site, which yay for them, AND hunting down the links to all the streaming services can be a pain, I get that, I’ve been there, but with a world where we are always streaming content, not having access to those links seem a bit off. My second quibble is they list “best of” rather than making a comprehensive list. Yes, I know, that’s a lot of work but “best of” is always a matter of particular opinion.)