JASNASW Announces Winner of the 2018 Young Filmmakers Contest

JASNA and JASNA Southwest are thrilled to announce the winner of the 2018 Young Filmmakers Contest. The contest is open to students at the high school, undergraduate and graduate-school levels, and includes those graduating in the spring of the contest year as long as they attended school prior to graduation. The films need to be five minutes or less.

This year, the winner is Ellyn Cardon, a senior undergraduate at Brigham Young University. Her film (shown below), Mrs. Bennett’s Plan, is inspired by Ellyn’s mother who has four unmarried children of her own and who inspires the content of the film. “Ellyn adds that the film is designed to remind us that Jane Austen wrote characters who are real and understandable, no matter what century we live in. We all know a Mrs. Bennet, and we love her for who she is.”

For more information on Ellyn’s win, check out the article by JASNA Southwest. The 2019 Young Filmmakers Contest is now open for submissions.

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