It’s A Truth Universally Acknowledged Jane Austen Money is Coming Soon

Finally! After three years of waiting, the Jane Austen banknote and coins are here — well, in the summer.

From The Telegraph:

The Royal Mint, in a New Year’s statement, announced that Austen has been chosen as the new image for its commemorative £2 coins.

About five million will be released into mass circulation. The coins, which feature a silhouette of Austen, will be launched in the spring.

At about the same time, the Bank of England is expected to release its new, plastic, unrippable £10 note and in the process will replace Charles Darwin with an Austen portrait.



Banknotes AND coins? Fantabulous. What’s even better is both denominations will be in mass circulation so getting one or both shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve already contacted as many English friends as possible to get the cash not only for myself but also to create sets for friends.

The release of the coins and notes will happen this summer will conicinde with the 200th anniversary of Austen’s death.