Jane Austen: Myth, Reality, and Global Celebrity MOOC

Last spring, I wrote about FutureLearn’s new MOOC (massive online open course), “Jane Austen: Myth, Reality, and Global Celebrity.” The University of Southhampton, the creators of the MOOC, and FutureLearn have announced they are opening up the course again on January 24, 2019. The course will run for three weeks and you’ll learn everything you wanted to know about Austen and her impact on pop culture.

According to the course’s landing page, here are the topics you’ll cover:

  • The Austen myth: who is she and what does she mean to people around the world?
  • An 18th century education: Jane and women’s education and reading
  • Austen’s literary and family influences
  • Austen’s ‘dirty walks’: gardens and landscapes in Austen’s writing
  • The marketing of Jane Austen at home and abroad – how her legacy has endured and built her celebrity
  • Austen’s afterlives: adapting Jane Austen for the modern age in film, TV
  • Austen as a commodity: portraits, hair and merchandising

You can find the course here and the course is free!

P.S. It looks like U of Southhampton and FutureLearn are gathering interest in a Masters in Jane Austen which would be tres super cool! You can find out more information here.