Jane Austen and Bronte Podcasts

So much has changed since I wrote about Bonnets at Dawn nearly five years ago! Clearly, I did not do my homework last summer when I did a brief update.

There are not one or two podcast covering Austen and Bronte, but over a dozen, each with their own theme. There is a lot to wade through here and I haven’t vetted them all but thanks to their reviews on iTunes and their own social media presence, it seems all are highly favored listens. If you happen to listen to one or several and want to review it, let me know!

P.S. I am not linking to the shows other than their social media a you can find the shows across iTunes, Spotify, and other popular podcast services.

P.P.S. Jane is everywhere!

  • Jane Austen Bedtime Stories Each episode covers a chapter in an Austen book and they are currently working their way through Pride and Prejudice. Updated biweekly. Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook
  • The Jane Austen Podcast A monthly podcast covering all things Austen from her family and friends to her works and influences. Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook
  • Sips & Sensibility Updated every two weeks, this podcast is hosted by two best friends who talk about all things Jane Austen adaptiations. From Pride, Predjudice & Atlanta to Becoming Jane. Other episodes talk about clothing, actors, and anything else related to the delightfulness of Austen adaptations. Website | Twitter | Instgram | Facebook
  • Bonnets at Dawn One of the longest running Austen, and Bronte, podcast with over 150 episodes join the hosts as they talk about everything Austen and Bronte related from their books and lives to other authors, inspirations, time periods, and interviews with renowned scholars. Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook
  • The Pemberley Podcast Updated weekly, another Austen podcast dedicated to Austen adpatations both movies and book form as well as other related books and movies/tv shows such as Bridgerton. Website | Twitter | Instgram | Facebook
  • Manners and Madness: A Jane Austen and David Lynch Podcast  Two friends, one who loves both Jane Austen and David Lynch, one who is only passingly familiar with both, explore their bodies of work and the adaptations of that work. Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook
  • The Thing About Austen A podcast about the material objects and culture that shaped Austen’s works. “Come for historical context and stay for the literary shenanigans.”  Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook
  • First Impression Podcast: Why All Austen Haters Are Wrong  A semi-regular podcast that covers all thing Austen and other 19th C authors including Elizabeth Gaskell. Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook
  • What the Austen? Podcast The hosts dig into Austen’s world both fictional and real from talking about the dreamy characters and references in adaptations. Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook
  • The Ents and Sensibility Podcast  The podcast for people who like Jane Austen…and dragons. Updated semi-regularly. Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook
  • Pod and Prejudice Two friends, one has read Austen and the other has not, go through Austen’s books chapter by chapter, as well as the adpatations from a feminist perspective. Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook
  • Reclaiming Jane A biweekly Jane Austen podcast for fans on the margins. Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook
  • Austenesque Musings Join host Christina Morland on conversations, readings, and interviews related to the Austenesque community.  (There doesn’t seem to be much of an online presence for the podcast but it is available on Apple, Spotify, and other popular podcast apps.)