Jane Austen and Bronte Online Classes at Oxford

The University of Oxford  Continuing Ed is a fabulous place for superior online learning. I’m taking Who are the Celts? this term and I am loving it. Last term I took Britons in a Roman World and enjoyed the pace, learning, and interaction with the tutors.

I can say then, with great confidence, I am highly recommending Oxford’s ContEd Austen and Bronte classes:

Classes run about £312.00 GBP (about $450 USD) for the term. You can pay an additional fee of £10 to get certified for CATS points allowing the course to be counted towards a degree in the UK, including Oxford. I’m coughing up the extra £10 because you never know when I may want a fourth master’s.

If you are interested in the classes, I do suggest you sign up ASAP. Class size is limited to about 25 students. Even though the class is online, you have direct interaction with the tutor and other students so it feels like just like you’re in a regular classroom.

And I’m not going to shy away from whether you’re taking the class for pass/fail or auditing, there WILL BE homework. For my current class, they suggested 10 hours a week of study. I thought they were joking. They were not.

Again, highly, highly recommend these courses. If you do take one, leave a note in the comments!



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