Still alive!

Image of Jane Austen

My diverting friends:

Yes, we are still alive! The Mr. handles the backend of the site and we have the admin page only accessible by our home IP to prevent hacking. When we traveled to the family cottage in early June, we assumed he could easily get into our web provider’s site to add our cottage IP. No such luck! Turns out the web provider’s site itself was having issues and as my websites (to the Mr.) are way down the list of things to do, he was only able to work on it when he had some free time. With my mother-in-law visiting for the first three weeks and guests for the next five weekends, downtime was hard to come by! But it’s fixed now and all of your Austen and Brontë needs will be met again. Huzzah!

Austentatious Links will kick off again this weekend (there has been so. much. Jane these last few weeks!) and the near daily posts will start next week. I’m going to be updating the Austen/Brontë daily quote list to start back up again soon as well.

I hope everyone is having a good summer! Let me know how you’ve been!


P.S. While I wasn’t able to make it to the JASNA Louisville Jane Austen festival this year, I heard it was a huge success!