Austen Translation

One of my many hobbies is gaming. My partner and I recently got a Switch and I’ve been playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild heavily for the last couple of week. I also own a N64 (good lord, I’m aging myself), a DS3, and I have games via Steam. We’re also big fans of table top games.

Gaming is in my blood.

There has a been a recent stash of Austen-esque games out in the last year. There has been Good Society, Jane Austen’s Matchmaker, and the Facebook game, Jane Austen Manors to name but a few.  Now comes Austen Translation.

Developed by Worthing & Moncrieff, Austen Translation is “… a satirical strategy game set in the world of Jane Austen—a tongue-in-cheek riff on caustic rivalries, appalling preconceptions of the roles of women and men, and, of course, the unending quest to marry well. In “Austen Translation,” the player takes on the role of an innocent young woman who has to convince a wealthy bachelor to marry her so she can escape a future of poverty and destitution. ”

Austen Translation is set to release on Steam on May 1.  The introductory price will be $4.99USD and you can bet I’m buying the game!