Happy anniversary to Wuthering Heights and Anges Grey!

Bronte Sisters

Wuthering Heights

I am remiss to say I missed the 170th (December 14th) anniversary of the publications, jointly, of Wuthering Heights and Anges Grey.

Anges Grey

The novels, written by Emily Brontë as Ellis Bell, and Anne Brontë, writing as Acton Bell, have remained steadfast in their popularity for nearly two centuries.

I confess I haven’t read either in a long time—remember when earlier this year I said I was going to re-read Austen’s works and never got beyond the first three chapters of Mansfield Park? Yeah, that.—and one of these days I will rectify that but until then, I raise a glass of hot tea to two ladies who broke molds and remained true to themselves.

Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters links for December 17, 2017

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Here are your Jane Austen and Bronte sisters related links for the week:

Jane Austen’s Matchmaker: Second Chapter game is out now

Jane Austen Matchmaker: Chapter Two

Earlier this year, I reported the game, Jane Austen’s Matchmaker, had a new add-on: Zombies! If that wasn’t enough for you, now there is more!

Sabrewolf Games has recently announced an additional game, Chapter Two, a standalone and a continuation of the first game. The game includes new locations and characters from Austen’s books. Get to matchmaking!

Chapter Two can be purchased from Sabrewolf or Amazon.UK. It does not look like it can be purchased in the US just yet.

P.S. The Zombies! add-on is now sold out on SabreWolf’s website but you can still get it at Amazon.co.uk and from third-party sellers at Amazon.com.