Dear Mr. Darcy

Sense and Spontaneity Comedy Group

Oh, this is great. A comedy group calling themselves Sense and Spontaneity, “Completely improvised Jane Austen for young and old!,” has released “Dear Mr. Darcy,” a love letter from every woman ever, and it’s hilarious.

Sample lyrics:
Dear Mr Darcy we don’t want to be cruel
But if we saw you on the street we’d push you into a pool
Dear Mr Darcy we don’t mean to be curt
But we only want to see you in a wet white shirt

I think we can safely say that yes, this is from most women ever and you too will be excessively diverted by this charming video.

You can find Sense and Spontaneity on Facebook and on YouTube.

Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters links for May 28, 2017

Image for Austentatious Links

Here are your Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters related links for the week:

Tonight on BBC2: Jane Austen: Behind Closed Doors

Lucy Worsley

I’m a huge Lucy Worsley fan. I’ve seen just about every program she’s done and I’m eagerly awaiting the release of her book this summer, Jane Austen at Home: A Biography.

Imagine my delight, then, to discover she has a new program out tonight, Jane Austen: Behind Closed Doors:

Now, in a fresh take on Jane Austen, Lucy Worsley traces the houses Jane lived in to show just how much they influenced her work. Embarking on a road trip across England Lucy visits properties that still exist – and uses clever detective work to bring to life those that have disappeared.

The show is set to air tonight in the UK on BBC2 but let’s hope it’ll come to PBS this summer.

A rose by any other name

Pride and Prejudice Rose

Dear readers, did you know there was a Jane Austen inspired rose? Me neither! Harkness, a flower company in the UK, bred this rose, named Pride and Prejudice, specifically for the bicentenary  (2013) of its name sake book.

From their description:

Selected and introduced to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of Jane Austen’s classic novel. The flower form is beautifully constructed giving elegant detail to every bloom. Working from the outside in, notice how white petals become cream, amber, then peach at the centre as you study the delightful colour range of each exquisite flower. Plants are bushy and healthy, adding to the charm of this first class rose. Use in beds, borders or hedges.

My birthday is coming up in June so if anyone feels inclined to send me a dozen Pride and Prejudice roses, I would not be terribly upset.


edit to add 5/24/2017

Seems like there is another Jane Austen rose which was revealed yesterday (May 23) at the HS Chelsea Flower Show! The flower, also developed by Harkness, was created to celebrate Jane’s bicentenary death.

The rose, a bright and vibrant orange bush rose, reflecting the vibrancy of Austen’s characters, celebrates Jane Austen’s life in her bicentenary year. With a light sweet scent and great depth of colour, the rose radiates warmth.

Proceeds of the rose will be donated to Jane Austen’s House Museum.