Cherish His Image

“But still, I would think of him: I would cherish his image in my mind; and treasure every word, look, and gesture that my memory could retain; and brood over his excellences and his peculiarities, and, in fact, all I had seen, heard, or imagined respecting him.” Anges Grey by Anne Bronte

Hotel Reservations Are Now Open for JASNA 2019 AGM

2019 JASNA AGM Logo

An email has been sent this morning from the coordinator of the 2019 AGM that hotels are now available to book for the AGM in Williamsburg, VA. The AGM is from October 4-6, 2019.

For the first time in AGM history, two hotels are open for reservation.

Per the email,

Reservations at the JASNA conference rate, ranging from $138 to $231 per night, may be made using the link on the AGM hotel page, or simply cut and paste the following into your web browser: If you are prompted to enter an access code, use Jane234.

This year’s AGM theme is “200 Years of Northanger Abbey” exploring its humour, horror, and history of the age. There will also be discussions on wide range of topics covering “…the idea of the picturesque, the popularity of the Gothic novel genre, the history of the 12th Light Dragoons, the economics of importing India muslin versus producing muslin in England, even the conversion of Catholic Church buildings into private residences in the centuries after the Dissolution, and more.” JASNA promises it will be a fascinating and exciting AGM.

Tickets have yet to go on sale for the AGM itself. If you’re a JASNA member, make sure you’re subscribing JASNA emails and also check the AGM’s website for further details.

Her Own Good Sense

“She was stronger alone; and her own good sense so well supported her, that her firmness was as unshaken, her appearance of cheerfulness as invariable, as, with regrets so poignant and so fresh, it was possible for them to be.” Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen

Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters links for January 20, 2019

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What’s happening this week in the Austen and Bronte universes:‘